Active mobility consultancy campaigns

Download our publications about active mobility consultancy (AMC) campaigns:

Getting people on board: Using active mobility consultancy to promote public transport use in rural areas (12-page brochure, 8-Mbyte PDF) Available also in German,Greek, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish

Guidelines on the SmartMove AMC concept

State-of-the-art report on active mobility consultancy campaigns

Fact sheets on the implementation of active measures into AMC campaigns

The conclusions of Europe's first AMC campaign (2-page PDF)

The SmartMove project advocates the concept of active mobility consultancy (AMC) campaigns as a means of collecting passenger feedback and attracting new users to rural public transport services. The concept has already been successfully implemented in the context of an interregional bus rapid transit system in Austria, and as part of the SmartMove project it will be further developed and used in eight European regions.

Every SmartMove AMC campaign addresses a specific aspect. This might be a particular target group, a public transport feeder system, or a spatial aspect. Within each of the eight regions, several hundreds of households will be contacted, and the project aims to show a substantial modal shift to public transport as a result.

It is generally difficult to organise attractive public transport services in sparsely populated areas, and service quality is often significantly lower than in urban areas. In this context, it is crucial to collect passenger feedback in order to continuously improve services. On the other hand, even if sufficient rural public transport systems are available, there are diverse subjective barriers preventing people from using them. This is particularly relevant in relation to public transport feeder systems. In many cases, citizens are not even aware of their existence, or, if they are aware, have various misconceptions about them.

Active mobility consultancy campaigns can be an invaluable tool both for gathering passenger feedback in order to improve services, and for attracting new passengers. To learn more about AMC campaigns, please select from the right-hand menu.